The Panda and The Boo is drawn and written by Marie-Claude Paradis and Beau Kelly.

The two of them met each other through the MMO City of Heroes both as members of the same super group. It wasn’t long before they realised they shared many things in common, humour, art, storytelling the list goes on. The group they were a part of started using Skype as a means to help better co-ordinate their gameplay, and to get everyone a bit closer together for the fun they all shared.

As time went on, Marie and Beau started having calls outside of City of Heroes, spending a lot of it just talking about what ever came to their minds and quickly becoming the best of friends.

Soon came the time for the two to meet. Which wasn’t an easy task since both lived on other sides of the planet. Upon meeting in person for the first time, it was abundantly clear… These two were meant to be together. Quickly falling in love, getting married, and spreading the word to all their family and friends that they had found true happiness, the Panda and the Boo was created.

Being the artistic and creative couple, they finally decided to do something of their own work, to share their happiness and sense of humour with the world.

Marie is a talented 2D and 3D artist, sketch artist and cute character master, who you can find on the credits of the cartoon My Life Me among various other works.
As of 2017, Marie is now also a full time nurse working in hemodialysis.

Beau is a musician, writer, painter and chef/cook, who spends his days just trying to make people laugh.

Support / Contact:

Beau “Boo” Kelly: Director, writer


Marie-Claude “Panda” Paradis: Artist, writer